Monday, February 6, 2017

The Super Bowl of Tech Conferences

You know you are at an ed tech conference when...

  • you pass hordes of folks in sensible shoes carrying the same conference backpack,
  • the talk while watching the Super Bowl in the hotel lobby centers around the synchronized drone light show,
  • you make friends while camping out in line for that session you just can't miss,
  • you run into no less than four people you follow on Twitter while getting registered, 
  • Peggy Reimers is walking around genuinely greeting everyone in the hall like an old friend,
  • power strips are as prevalent as Elmo lanyards.
As I wait for my first session of TCEA17 to begin, I know that this week will be filled with new information, new connections, new people, and new tools. I am grateful that my district understands and values sending our team to TCEA yearly to learn from thought leaders and practitioners from around Texas and the country. Let the learning begin!

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