Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Day 2: TCEA2017!


       As much as I tried to fight my OCD, I woke up having to add in another slide to the presentation I am sharing this afternoon. I am resolved to leave the presentation alone today, so that I can focus on personal learning in the menu of choices I have highlighted in my program. I am in between sessions right now, waiting for my second session of the morning to begin. My first session was FABULOUS! Two teachers from Alamo Heights ISD shared a plethora of resources to encourage authentic assessment options. Some of their resources were familiar, but a handful were new to me and I am always grateful to get new ideas to take back to the teachers in my district. This team also shared class applications of familiar tools but used in innovative ways. (This is one of my favorite aspects of conferences...learning of new ways to implement common tools.)
     Yesterday, my game plan consisted of me committing myself to a few long sessions. Today, my strategy involves attending as many short sessions as I can before my late afternoon presentation. I know that I can access resources and handouts from other sessions at the website, but I still like to see things in action and meet new people face-to-face to connect with on Twitter. So, as I await my second session, I am thrilled with the takeaways that I have already gathered, and I'm excited about getting some new perspectives from the other presenter teams I will learn from today.

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