Monday, September 26, 2016

Blended Learning Shifts

              Birdville ISD won the Raising Blended Learners grant last year from Raise Your Hand Texas. Since the announcement in April, our district and my department have been working around the clock to lay the foundations for a transformation in learning that better meets (and identifies) the needs of our students. Long discussions about research, multiple book studies, several observations, countless e-mail exchanges, and hours of behind-the-scenes work have brought us to this point, almost one 6-weeks into our implementation. Epiphanies are occurring in PLCs and in classrooms as these master teachers experiment and push themselves towards a more personalized learning model for their students. I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to observe and provide feedback to these pioneering teachers. Today, I have three teachers to go visit and though this was at first very outside my personal comfort zone, I now eagerly anticipate what I will see and be able to share with the teachers from an interested second-party perspective. Seeing the benefits of blended learning in all its different facets in the different classrooms gives me a broader picture of the importance and need for this shift in our district.