Thursday, January 7, 2016

Obligatory New Year's Resolutions Post

           My New Year's celebrations were a whirlwind as I returned to town from a trip to New England on New Year's Eve and basically spent New Year's recuperating from my travels. As I recuperated (ie. slept all day,) I did manage to do the obligatory self-reflections and resolution-making that New Year's traditions require. So, for what they're worth, here are my personal resolutions for transparency's sake.


1. Read more. During my trip north, I was able to read three novels and I realized how much I miss reading. Making and devoting time to read books, for pleasure or for work, is going to be a top priority for me this year.
2. Cook more. Our family moved during the last months of the year and fast-food became our norm out of necessity. Our new house has a nice, open kitchen and I'm dedicated to cooking more healthy options in this new space.
3. Learn more. With this new job, I am learning so much every day. I am preparing my admissions packet for an on-line Masters program at Texas A&M in Educational Technology. I think that doing the coursework as I am new to this position will help me apply what I am learning on my campuses.
4. Travel more. This new position comes with more duty days and a shorter summer, but I want to make more short trips with my kids this year. We have a London/Paris trip planned for July that will be amazing, but I want to get my children out of town on three-day weekends throughout the year.
5. Pause more. I tend to throw myself into projects at work and at home, and I know that I need to take time to relax more. I need to give myself time to just "chill out" with my kids and take little breaks from all my on-going projects to go to movies and play games more.

I will try to revisit and focus on these resolutions throughout the year. Hopefully, they will last longer than my previous resolutions. Whatever your resolutions are, I hope that they bring you "more" happiness and health in the new year.